About Castillo de Pinar Olive Oil


Our Artisan Tradition

Olive Oil by Castillo de Pinar Harvested by handCareful Cultivation

Castillo de Piñar is the result of a centuries-old family tradition of olive oil farming and production. Some of our olive trees are hundreds of years old, and they draw from the gentle topography of our land to produce a superior quality of olive oil.

Harvested by Hand

Each Picual and Arbequina Olive is handpicked from the tree then carefully separated and sorted according to soil and altitude grade. Only the best olives are selected to ensure olive oil production is of the highest quality.

Cold Pressed Olive Oil

The olives are brought to our cold press facility within hours of harvest to begin the oil extraction process. The olives are poured into receiving hoppers to be washed and rinsed Cold Pressed Olive Oil by Castillo de Pinarnaturally using fresh cold water before pressing.

The olives are cold pressed and then pumped to a decanter where the oil is extracted via centrifuge. The temperature is carefully regulated so that it is never higher than 80˚ F.  This low temperature ensures the quality of the oil and is what is referred to as 'cold pressed'.

Finally our oil passes through a proprietary, continuous micro-porous filter system to produce perfect oil.  After the oil is cold pressed and filtered it is stored in giant stainless steel hoppers in the cellar.

Preserving the Purity Olive Oil VatsQuality Control

All Castillo de Piñar employees are trained in food-safety procedures, and our oil is packaged under strict quality controls complying with HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards. This guarantees the highest standards in food safety controls.

Enjoy the Flavor & Quality

Castillo de Piñar invites you to experience the quality and flavor of the olive oil that is derived from our olive oil farming traditions.