About Castillo de Pinar Olive Oil


Olive Oil from Spain

Our Olive Oil Benefits from Our Heritage

Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil has it roots in historical tradition going back nearly 3,000 years.  Our Olive Oil benefits from that tradition, and now you can experience its quality and flavor.  The Phoenicians first introduced the olive tree in what is now Andalucía, Spain. Over hundreds of years the Greeks and then the Romans carefully perfected the techniques of cultivating olive trees in Spain. The Romans had such admiration for the superior quality of SRomain Coin Extolling Olive Oil from Spainpanish olive oil that during the reign of Emperor Hadrian they minted a coin that had the image of an olive branch with the inscription "Hispania".

After the Romans, the Arabs continued the tradition of cultivating olive trees and producing olive oil. The importance of the Arab influence is evident in that the Spanish word for oil "aceite" comes from the Arabic word "al-zat-", which means olive juice.

Spain - the World's Best Olive Oil

As the result of this historical tradition of cultivating olive and producing olive oil, Spain is the world's largest producer of olive oil, producing over half of the world's olive oil and exporting it globally.  Many people have been unaware of the quantity and quality of Spanish Olive Oil, since most of it was sold in bulk and packaged outside the country until recently. More people now understand and appreciate that much of the world's best olive oil is from Spain.

From the southern olive groves of Andalucía to the northern region of Catalonia, Spain offers a wide variety of unique olive oils that are as distinctive and diverse as nature itself.  They will heighten the flavor of your meals and reveal the creativity in your food. Castillo de Piñar Olive Oil is packaged in Andalucía, Spain, and imported directly to the United States for distribution.

Picual Olives

Distinctly Flavored Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Picual Olives

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (OEVOO) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) enhance prepared foods both in appearance and flavor by adding a sweet and peppery finish to the taste. The best OEVOO and EVOO come from Picual Olives.

Picual olives take their name from the pointed shape (peak). Originally from Jaén and surrounding areas such as Granada and Cordoba, Picual Olives are the most highly sought after variety and produce oil known for its floral aroma, distinctive flavor, high Oleic Acid Content, and high Stability Rate.

Picual Olives are medium to large in size (3.2 grams on average) and have a meat to bone ratio of 5:6. Picual oil yield is high, up to 28% vs. the average of 22% per olive. These exquisite olives are harvested when they reach their flavor peak in early November to mid-December.

Arbequina Olives

Richly Flavored Virgin Olive Oil

Arbequina Olives

We blend our Arbequina and Picual Olives to create a uniquely savory, yet fruity Olive Oil which enhances all baking and frying recipes.

The Arbequina olive was originally grown in the Catalonia and Aragon regions of northeastern Spain. Later, olive growers in Jaén, Cordoba and Granada added this sweet fruit to their farms in southern Spain. Arbequina Olives are smaller, sweeter green olives which ripen early, versus other varieties. Our Arbequina-Picual Olive Oil is delicate-tasting with a fruity aroma perfect for baking, particularly when substituting olive oil for butter, margarine and/or other oils which are high in saturated fats, and Polyunsaturated fats*.

Arbequina accounts for more than three-quarters of California's Olive Farm acreage. Our oil comes from the ancestors of California's olive trees.


*Olive Center at the University of California, Davis 2009 Report